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8 Egos at Work (ePUB)


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Unlock the door to self-awareness at work and anywhere else, and embark on an extraordinary expedition through the intricate landscapes of the human ego.

Besides helping the reader to improve his or her relationships at work and anywhere else, this handbook is a powerful source of food for thought for the following reasons: First, the ego has never been approached as to separate it into the eight forms presented in this handbook. Second, the ego has barely been discussed in terms of its influence on work settings, which is the focus of this handbook. And third, the concepts of length and strength of ego actions and reactions, as presented in the handbook, are new in mainstream psychology and academic literature. So you are acquiring a handbook presenting new perspectives for immediate practical use.


What early readers say:

“8 Egos at Work is a journey into self-discovery. A challenging yet captivating book that will revolutionize your understanding of who you truly are.” (Emely, International Trade)

“Are you ready to delve into the depths of your own psyche? 8 Egos at Work is an enlightening book that invites you to explore the multi-faceted nature of the ego, guiding you towards a profound transformation and awakening. This book is the ultimate roadmap to harnessing the power of self-realization.” (Marco. Tech.)

“In unveiling the Ego in the eight different forms presented by Dr. Miguel Cerna, you will embark on a profound exploration of:

* The origins and development of the ego: Unravel the mysteries behind the ego’s creation and understand how it shapes your thoughts, beliefs, and actions.

* The role of the ego in relationships at work and anywhere else: Discover how the ego can impact your connections with others, and uncover valuable insights to foster healthier and more authentic relationships.

* Ego-driven patterns and self-sabotage: Gain clarity on self-limiting behaviors and destructive patterns, empowering you to break free and live a life of true fulfillment.

(Ally Shen, Marketing)

“8 Egos at Work” is not just another book; it is a transformative guide that will inspire, empower, and challenge you to embrace your true potential. Immerse yourself in this journey and let the book lead you to practical exercises, and profound wisdom shared within these pages, and witness the incredible impact it can have on your life. (Basil, Medical doctor)



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8 Egos at Work