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Our story

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. The Christ and the Sugar Loaf.
Douro River, Portugal. Ponte Luiz and Vila Nova de Gaia seen from Porto.

The journey started modestly in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil when Raquel Sousa became a translator in 2009. It didn’t take long for her to realise that the freelancing days were coming to an end and entrepreneurship was taking over.

From a freelancing translator to a subtitler specialist, to translation project management to founding a language service provider company, Verve had its natural birth in 2014 in a small town in a preserved area of the RainForest on the southeast coast of Brazil. By then, the founders’ know-how in media localisation followed and became Verve’s core business. When the time to grow came Raquel understood it was important to maintain Verve’s roots in the lusophone community while expanding and being part of a more international and culturally mixed environment. Verve moved its main office to Portugal in 2018. Since then, Verve has had even more reliable and powerful partnerships, overcome new challenges and taken opportunities. 

Along this learning curve process, we developed work excellence while living our values. All this together forged Verve’s personality and culture.

Our organisation only exists because, since day one, our clients have trusted us in a real partnership making possible a work environment of cooperation and successful communication.

Why Verve

Our founder understood the value of words and good communication early in life-making friends, presenting school projects, studying writing production, being a compulsive reader and being herself a defender of human rights. What led her to an obvious Arts and Literature degree and an urge to write on what would be her first blog.

So, years later, when the moment to create the name for her translation company came, she found herself having a hard time coming up with a name that felt right for the company. But looking back and remembering the path she’d paved until that day, she had a moment. Verve, the blog where she imprinted her first attempts in showing her words to the world, felt as holding the answer.

But as a translator would do, thinking about international clients, she started researching the winning name in other languages. And to her surprise and delight, she discovered Verve has equal spelling and meaning in 5 different languages, Portuguese, English, Italian, German and French, only the pronunciation changes. It all made sense. The name she was looking for was there all the time and had her soul in it.

Despite all the technological resources we have in the translation industry helping us with daily tasks, communication will always need the touch of human verve to sparkle.


\ ˈvərv \ - noum

1a: the spirit and enthusiasm animating artistic composition or performance: VIVACITY
2 archaic: special ability or talent
Late 17th century (denoting special talent in writing): from French, ‘vigor’, earlier ‘form of expression’, from Latin verba ‘words

The pillars keeping Verve steady


  • Integrity
  • Transparency
  • Accountability
  • Equality
  • Customer centricity
  • Versatility
  • Adaptability


To break communication barriers by developing seamless cooperation with clients and multidisciplinary experts worldwide.

Let’s work together
on your next project.

Whatever your needs are, we’ll customise the process to make it happen.

Your internationalisation starts here.